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baby, i'm bad news
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12th-Mar-2009 01:29 pm - book recommendations needed!
um, so packing a toddler for a week on a caribbean island is way more difficult than it initially seems. like, there's a suitcase for me, dave & nika, and then there's two for violet. and her clothes are tiny! it's really the diapers, swim diapers, formula (no organic whole milk in the caribbean), bedding, playpen, and toys! that are taking up all the room.

i asked her to bring me the books and toys she wanted to take and she came back with one rain boot, a wooden spoon, an old receipt from the grocery store, an elastic, her stuffed monkey and a sweater for her baby doll (but not the baby doll - apparently she is not welcome on the voyage). she's a "baby macgyver". i've taken it upon myself to pack what i know she'll want, but she looked at me as if i was crazy as i did it. i think she thinks we're sending these things away, not that they are (hopefully) coming back with us.

anyway, beyond my packing woes, i desperately need book recommendations! I am, for the first time in years, taking 8 days off, taking no work or school work with me, and am just going to lie on the beach and read for the week... any suggestions?? keep in mind, i am in the middle of two absolutely draining human rights trials, and deal with really serious and depressing issues on a daily basis, so nothing too dark and depressing.
21st-Aug-2008 08:53 pm(no subject)
i've been married for five years today...

i love him more than i did the day we married, more than i ever could have imagined. it's absolutely make-you-crazy-passionate-all-encompassing-you-can-endure-anything-LOVE.

we woke up to cat vomit on the floor and all of our garbage strewn on the back deck from raccoon escapades. as we were picking through garbage in our pjs this morning, waiting for the coffee to brew and the kids to calm down and stop being crazy shrieking divas, i looked at him and said, "i'd totally do it all over again, even knowing now how crazy and stressed our our life would become..." he smiled and said he had been thinking the exact same thing.

now, that's romance. also romantic? we bought each other the exact same card. a blank card that has nothing to do with anniversaries, but reminded each of us of the other...

i bought him a tattoo session and he bought me a print of a painting i fell in love with at The Whitney in nyc - max weber's "chinese restaurant". i totally love us...
10th-Oct-2005 06:02 pm(no subject)
*friends only*
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